I am multidisciplinary creative.

I express my journey in art, photography, poetry and writing. I am also a web designer and details of this service will appear on this site soon.

My main medium is poetry which I have been writing since I was eleven years old. I began drawing and painting during my school years. Although I tend to stick to the traditional media of drawing, acrylic and watercolour painting, I also enjoy wood carving and working with different materials for more tactile art.

I began photography in my later teens and really took a keen interest after a family trip to Kephalonia, Greece in the late 90’s.

I also dabble in digital art, though this is usually for graphic design to complement my web designs.


I am driven by a love of philosophy and nature which form the basis of my spirituality an which are common themes in my work.

Since my early teens I have explored many different faiths, cultures, languages and philosophical outlooks which have brought me to an understanding similar to that of Sufism, Taoism, Vedanta and Hermeticism; i.e. the universe itself is divine and I am not separate from that.

All work is my own unless otherwise stated, please contact me if you want to use any.