I’m not going to hold myself back on the things I want to do anymore.

I don’t have anyone to come home to… and that’s great! I forgot how liberating being single is.

So I don’t have to be disappointed when trips, days out and adventures don’t manifest. I can sit at home without feeling like I’m in the way, too much or unwanted. I can be me without feeling guilty about that.

So, one of my dreams over the last 20 years has been to do tattoos. I have designed plenty but never had the confidence or the finances to start… until last month.

Synchronicity is a wonderful thing. For two weeks during March my home was left without hot water and heating. As an apology the estate agent gave me a £50 Amazon voucher. Just enough to afford a handpoke kit from Stigma.

Needless to say I’ve been quiet on this blog as my tattoo collection has gone from 5 to 26 over the last six weeks.

I will be focusing on this part of my journey now, and not hiding away from my dreams.

This website might continue for a while but it will be more quiet. A new site is coming for the journey. More details will be coming soon.